Statization of the Electricity Market in Honduras

Socialist Government Reverts Liberalization and Reinstates a 65-year-old Monopoly in the Energy Sector Jason “Jay” Garrick, Investment Climate Analyst,Central America Freedom Institute The recently elected government of Honduras, led by President Xiomara Castro de Zelaya of the socialist LIBRE Party, has reinstated a now 65-year-old State monopoly in the electric industry, eliminating a nascent privateContinue reading “Statization of the Electricity Market in Honduras”

It Wasn’t A ‘Coup’

Published originally on What happened in Honduras on June 28 was not a military coup. It was the constitutional removal of a president who abused his powers and tried to subvert the country’s democratic institutions in order to stay in office. The extent to which this episode has been misreported is truly remarkable. HereContinue reading “It Wasn’t A ‘Coup’”